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Ranges of Hearing Loss

Presented by:
ACC ~ The Audiology Awareness Campaign



The audiogram shows the ranges of hearing loss for adults. The ranges that are listed are fairly standard across the United States although some variations do exist.

-10dB to 25dB = Normal range (Grey)

26dB to 40 dB = Mild hearing loss (purple)

41 dB to 55 dB = Moderate hearing loss (red)

56 dB to 70 dB = Moderately Severe hearing loss (green)

71 dB to 90 dB = Severe hearing loss (yellow)

over 90 dB = Profound hearing loss. (blue)

This article was submitted by:
Glen R. Meier, M.S., CCC-A, FAAA

Audiograms created by: Chris Norman


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