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Conductive Hearing Loss Audiogram
Presented by:
ACC ~ The Audiology Awareness Campaign

This audiogram shows a conductive hearing loss in the left ear. The white area represents the sounds that the person would not hear (softer then their thresholds) and the tan area indicates all of the sounds that the person would be able to hear (louder then their thresholds).

This article
was submitted by:
Glen R. Meier,


Audiograms created by: Chris Norman

Conductive Hearing Loss
Conductive hearing losses occur when the "outer" or "middle" portions of the ear fail to work properly. Sound is "blocked" from being transferred to the inner ear at normal intensity. Conductive losses are often treatable with either medicine or surgery. Common causes of conductive hearing loss are fluid build up in the middle ear or wax blockage in the ear canal. Children are more likely to have a conductive hearing loss than a sensorineural hearing loss.


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